GSuite Enterprise Migration

Project Description: Migrate to GSuite Enterprise for Education from the free unsupported GSuite for Education account

Project Purpose/Business Need: The purpose of this project is to ensure Google services are in line with the IT Services standards and protocols.

The Business need for this project stems from the following factors

  1. The tool that we use to maintain data sovereignty will no longer function after January 31, 2021, and we could potentially begin violating contractual agreements.
  2. Currently we do not get support for any of the Google services we use. This transition will allow us to get Google’s support for our users.

Project Scope:

  1. Amend the existing contract with Google to reflect the provision of GSuite Enterprise with support and 4 years of free access.
  2. Google/ their implementation partner makes the required changes to migrate us from GSuite to GSuite Enterprise
  3. Make necessary changes on the University side to support that transition
  4. Take into consideration the upcoming Email 2.0 project when making changes, and also lay the necessary groundwork for that project

IT Partners Impacted by Project:

  • All University departments and divisions
  • Booth

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Posted on

August 20, 2020

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