The Purpose of the PMO

The IT Services Project Management Office (PMO) is a service organization created to support technology projects at UChicago.

The purpose of the PMO is to:

  • Create a foundation for consistent IT project success throughout IT Services. This will be done through continued development and implementation of a strong project management discipline within our project teams
  • Guide strategic and high value technology projects to a successful conclusion


The ITS Project Management Office (PMO) is responsible for:

  • Improving the effectiveness of project management across IT Services
  • Establishing common project management process, tools and methods
  • Collecting and reporting on project status
  • Providing guidance to the ITS community of project managers

What does the PMO do?

The IT Services PMO offers project management services and oversight for IT projects. ITS PMO project managers manage IT projects using recommended methodologies to maximize benefits of project investments and minimize risk. The PMO provides training, assistance, and tools for project managers across IT Services.

The ITS PMO frequently assists with projects that involve:

  • high level of complexity and/or are highly visible
  • high degree of system/data integration
  • multiple stakeholders

Our project managers will:

  • manage endeavor through the project lifecycle
  • apply project management best practices
  • engage with end users, vendor, and sponsor
  • oversee project communication, among other processes

If you would like project management assistance, or have questions regarding your project, please contact the ITS PMO.

What are the PMO's goals?

Provide Project Management services and oversight for select IT projects.

  • Ensure project management staff consistently apply appropriate level of ITS PM methodology in a manner that is efficient and standardized
  • Engage the appropriate level of project management expertise for select IT projects

Build Project Management Discipline and Professionalism.

  • Serve as an authority on project management methods and practices
  • Set the standard, provide the tools/templates and then be an advocate and model for good project management practices
  • Share best practices and approaches, and standardize the project infrastructure across IT Services
  • Mentor, train, and guide the organization’s project teams as they learn and adopt best practices in their own projects

Collaborate with ITS Directors to manage the ITS Project Portfolio

  • Ensure that there is consensus on value and priority for activities
  • Establish criteria aligned with UChicago ITS business objectives and strategy
  • Set standards for project approval processes. Provide leadership for team(s) charged with reviewing, authorizing and monitoring IT projects

Keep ITS Leadership Team and Staff informed of select ITS projects

  • Ensure ongoing transparency to key information that allows for faster decision making and enhanced organizational agility
  • Provide a channel of communication of high level project status, timeline and key issues