What type of project are you undertaking?

Please refer to the table below to determine which category best describes your project. Use the "method recommended to manage your work" as a guide to the appropriate level of project management rigor to apply. Click on the link provided to access project management templates.

Work Request


 Large Project


< 320 hours

320 – 2,000 hours

> 2000 hours

IT Coordination


All work can be accomplished within one group in IT Services

Requires coordination among two-four groups within IT Services

Requires coordination among four or more groups within IT Services


< 6 months

6-12 months

> 12 months

Campus Impact

Single functional area

Two functional areas

Project will impact multiple departments or groups on campus (e.g. will need extensive campus readiness and communication)



Easily understood problem and the solution is readily achievable

Either difficult to understand problem, solution unclear or solution difficult to achieve

Complex problem or solution

Vendor Involvement


Project assessment may involve contracting with an outside vendor

Project implementation involves contracting with a new vendor


No major dependencies or inter-related projects

Some major dependencies or inter-related projects but considered low risk

Major high risk dependencies or inter-related projects


Schedule is flexible

Schedule can undergo minor variations but deadlines are firm

Deadline is fixed and cannot be changed, schedule has no room for flexibility

Method recommended to manage the work


Department Lead should approve the level of project management methodology to be applied

Basic Project Management

Use ITS PMO recommended artifacts. Simple governance. Informal gate process

Full Project Management

The ITS PMO, in collaboration with the Project Manager will determine the appropriate artifacts for the project. Artifacts will be reviewed for quality and continuing relevance at each Phase Gate.

Project Management Prerequisites

Basic project management skills and experience

Proven project management experience

Extensive project management experience, managing multiple, complex projects across multiple functions