Feamster Research Connectivity

Project Description: Switch deployment and network integration for (Feamster) research network

Project Purpose/Business Need: Establish a presence for Nick Feamster’s Research Group. This center focuses on Network Research and measurements in a number of areas. This presence will include installation of two racks at one of the campus data centers, a network router/switch, and approximately 10 servers.

Project Scope: The project will work with several areas within IT Services to provide the services requested. We will spec and purchase racks (if needed) and determine the suitable DC location. We will spec and purchase a network router of adequate size, also configure and manage. We will allocate and configure IP space and DNS settings as requested.  In Scope:

  • Racks, Power, Cooling.
  • Network Router, Configuration, Management
  • IPv4/IPv6 Space
  • DNS Subdomain

IT Partners Impacted by Project: Bob Bartlett / CS Team

View Monthly Status Reports (cnetid required)


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July 21, 2020

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