Project Description: Deployment of a centralized printing service for the University of Chicago central campus.​

Project Purpose/Business Need:

Deployment of a centralized printing service that will

  • simplify printing for users
  • increase productivity by taking advantage of device functionality
  • providing a secure printing environment for confidential documents.
  • reducing costs by leveraging a single OEM solution and solution provider
  • reduce waste due to unintended printing

Project Scope: Across the University there are 588 Multi-Function devices owned by 40+ divisions and departments. All these Multi-Function devices are in scope for replacement, right sizing and inclusion in the new Managed Printing service. This project does not include the University of Chicago Medical Center.

IT Partners Impacted by Project: Local departmental resources will be required in order to roll this new service out. The impact will depend on the size and complexity of each department’s needs.

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