Projects in the Queue

Projects listed here have been approved through the PMO Intake Request process. The list is updated the first week of the month.
Last updated: 5/10/19

SDE –Midway R2

OnBase Upgrade 21.1

OKTA migration and Cirrus Bridge activation

Levi Hall 5th Floor AV Refresh

Enterprise Risk Management

Drupal 7 Remediation

EWP Sitecore: Coveo Search Implementation

EWP Sitecore: Content Authoring Experience Improvement

EWP Sitecore: Component & Templates Improvement

EWP Sitecore: Architectural Review Remediations

BSD Workday Optimization

ARD PHIL Re-Platform

Call Center Technologies

UC Medicine Telephony Deployment Program

Preferred Names and Pronouns

Privileged Access Management (Roll-Out)

Ingalls Program

EWP Sitecore: Campus Intranet Expansion

EWP Sitecore: Bug Fixes & Enhancements

EWP Sitecore: Coveo Search Discovery

EWP Sitecore: Architectural Audit

Harvey Network Migration UChicago Medical Center

6045 DC Refresh

SIA OBIA 12c Upgrade

Workday LMS

ITS Slack to Teams Migration

Campus Events Calendar

Case Management / Data Migration

Security Framework Assessment

RightFax Upgrade

Network Access Control (NAC) Pilot


Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE)

Booth Marketo EDH Integration

Wiki Replacement

UCM Jabber Rollout

SSO Replacement

Covid Vaccine Compliance and Reporting – Employees

My.UChicago Move to Fluid

GitHub Enterprise Implementation

Work Intake

Infoblox Upgrade

Application Monitoring

Service Now – One Portal

Privileged Access Management -RFP

ACC LL204 Server Room Relocation

Off-Campus Federal Work/Study

Workplace Location Tracking

Harvey CUCM Upgrade

Agreements Reporting Phase 2

AURA Grants 9.2 Upgrade

OnBase v.Foundation

O365 Mail Legacy Sunset

NGFT Analytics & Reporting

NGFT Infrastructure Optimization

ServiceNow – Paris Release Upgrade

COVID Solutions

Archibus 25.2 Upgrade

GSuite Enterprise Migration

Distribution Switch


Feamster Research Connectivity

1155 Data Center Server Network

Ingalls Voice Integration – Phase I

Interfolio Faculty 180

ITR Web: “Front Door” Website

ITSM Process Improvements – Configuration Management

ITSM Process Improvements – Knowledge Management

ITSM Process Improvements – Problem Management

LDAP – Shibboleth in the Cloud

Software Telephony Client (Jabber)

Woodlawn Charter School Library Access

Zoom Right-Size

NextGen Firewall Deployment

Blue Archive and Reports

ITR Data Center Risk Remediation Self Managed VM

ITSM Process Improvements – Contacts Management

Student Wellness Center

Secure Research Data Strategy Training Course

ITR End User Device Risk Remediation

NGFT Data Architecture

NGFT Alumni & Friends Website Portal Implementation

NGFT CRM Implementation

ITR Data Center Risk Remediation Phase 2


AURA Agreements

Active Directory Federation Services in Azure

Distribution Refresh

Enterprise Web Platform

Managed Print Services

Interfolio Review, Promotion and Tenure

EHSA 2021 Enhancements

SharePoint 2010 Sunset

ITR Web: Registry 2.0

ITR Web: Focused Risk Remediations

ITR Web: Center for Digital Accessibility

ITR Web: Policy Compliant Website Pipeline

Video Management System Replacement

Ubiquitous Wi-Fi

Network Modernization

ITR Data Center Risk Remediation Phase 1

Conference Solution

Bulk Mail Replacement

Booth – London Office Move

Board of Trustees Portal

Course Evaluation System Replacement

Security Awareness Training

LDAP Replacement