OnBase v.Foundation

Project Description: Upgrade OnBase document storage and workflow to v.Foundations and add a non-production OnBase environment.

Project Purpose/Business Need: Upgrading to the current version of OnBase will provide enhanced functionality, specifically with Unity forms and MS Outlook integration, services that have been requested by end users.  Additionally, it provides an opportunity to make some architecture changes to keep the underlying databases up to date, and improve the development and testing cycle processes.  The architectural changes will also help the university avoid incurring additional costs for extended support of out of date systems.

Project Scope:
Create a new non-production environment
Upgrade all OnBase Oracle databases to v. 19c
Upgrade all OnBase application components to v.Foundations

IT Partners Impacted by Project: Most IT partners; any IT partner supporting OnBase document storage and workflow.  Specific integrated systems impacted: the student/academic system (AIS Financial Aid, Student Accounts), financials (Payroll, ePayment), Human Resources (archiving), CARES act documentation.

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October 15, 2020

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