Network Modernization

Project Description: Information Technology Services is implementing a new building network architecture plan for the entire campus to improve network reliability, performance, and enhanced security.

Project Purpose/Business Need: The vast majority of network switches have reached the manufacturer’s end-of-life (EOL) date. As our legacy infrastructure continues to age, the urgency to upgrade and replace the current equipment (i.e. switches, routers) increases due to lack of backup equipment. ITS is implementing a new “Building Network Architecture” plan for the campus as a whole. This is designed to solve several network inconsistencies and increase the current level of security for each location that will be implemented in different phases of the project.

Project Scope: All devices on the ITS network are in scope are impacted and will require DHCP capabilities, be given new a IP address, subnet, VLAN, firewall rules and security enhancements while migrating to new network equipment.

IT Partners Impacted by Project: Impact is campus wide for any device on the ITS network.

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October 3, 2019