EWP Sitecore: Coveo Search Discovery

Project Description: Perform a discovery of the Coveo search implementation in support of the Main University Website (www.uchicago.edu), aka WWW, built on the University’s Enterprise Web Platform (EWP) which has been powered by Sitecore XP and Coveo.

Project Purpose/Business Need: The purpose is to define the work needed to improve the Coveo search to levels of functionality that meets or exceeds that of the current Google CSE functionality.

Project Scope: The scope shall include assessment, discovery, scope definition, and documentation of the approach to achieve the following:

  • Ensure the Coveo index of All Campus Websites is as usable as possible by identifying and executing all methods to ensure search results meet content relevancy expectations of the University.
  • Implement a search interface on the Main University Website making the best use of Coveo, from discovery and design to development and launch.
  • Provide recommendations for an approach to integrating People Directory data into the WWW search
  • Implement identified improvements necessary to complete public site Coveo search page using standard Coveo provided functionality
  • Implement inclusion of the people directory in the WWW search using Coveo provided connectors for data
  • Provide best practices for a Coveo implementation.

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Posted on

May 11, 2022

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