Project Description: A Data Hub will be created to help report on the Greenhouse Gas Emissions of the University of Chicago’s Hyde Park campus, excluding the Medical Center.

Project Purpose/Business Need:

  • The University of Chicago Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory reporting is needed on an ongoing basis.
  • The web-based tool that is currently being used today is not cost effective and does not meet the needs of the University.
  • The underlying data is spread across multiple sources across campus and the current reporting is not automated, leading to an administrative overhead.
  • The data visualizations and formal results are not available until later during the year because the current process of producing them is very labor intensive.
  • The business would like to analyze the data effectively and see the informal results more frequently to drive better business insights.

Project Scope: This project seeks to support reporting on the University of Chicago Greenhouse Gas Emissions by accomplishing the following:

  • Build a Data Hub from multiple sources across campus with the capability to do complex calculations
  • Automate the effort to gather data from multiple sources across campus , to the extent feasible, to maintain the Data Hub and provide ability to generate data to create inventory reports

IT Partners Impacted by Project: Facilities Services

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Posted on

June 12, 2020

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