Campus Events Calendar

Project Description: Replace the current campus-wide events system ( with a more modern, secure, externally hosted product.

Project Purpose/Business Need: This project is a part of the overarching IT Risk Remediation Program.  The replacement of the current campus events management system will allow us to continue providing campus a single system of record for public events hosted, sponsored, or otherwise put on by the University of Chicago.  This is an opportunity to provide campus with a more modern system with functionality that has come to be expected since the implementation of the current system. The current events calendar system (Bedework) needs to be replaced as it is old technology with an increasing risk profile.

Project Scope: This is a like-for-like replacement of the current Events Calendar functionality. Any requirements beyond the functionality used in the current Bedework product are out of scope.

IT Partners Impacted by Project: There are handful of partners who have integrations directly with the current system that we will work closely with to ensure their integrations transfer seamlessly to the new solution.

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November 2, 2021

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